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FOUNEX, 1971

Abay, Belay

Adamovic, M.

Alexander, Martin F.

Amin, Samir

Antoine, Serge

Bakri, B.

Bassi, M.

Beckerman, W.

Ben Salah, Hedi

Castaneda, Neoma

Corea, Gamani

Dahmen, E.

Davies, J. R.

Dessouki, Salah

Dieterich, B. H.

El-Naggar, S.

Eschenbach, B.

Federenko, N.

Gerelli, E.

Gorden, M.

Herrera, Felipe

Himmelstrand, U.

Hrabovsky, J.

Iglesias, Enrique

Johnson, Brian

Kane, Hamidon

Kaplan, M.

Kapp, W.

Kollontai, Vladimir

Kulig, J.

Landsberg, H. H.

Lansburg, A.

Lee, J.

Macuch, P.

Makagiansar, M.

Mayobre, J.

McGranahan, D. V.

McLeod, Scott


Menon, A. G.

Onitiri, H. M. A.

Osorio, M.

Otieno, Nicholas C.

Ozorio de Almeida, Miguel

Pajestka, Josef

Pant, Pitambar

Perez Arteta, Louis

Potter, M.

Prebisch, R.

Raj, K. N.

Rodgers, Kirk P.

Runnalls, David

Sachs, Ignacy

Santa Cruz, Alfonso

Shafei, M. Z.

Singer, H.

Tinbergen, Jan

Tinbergen, Jan

Tomassini, L.

Tsuru, Shigeto

Tumlir, J.

Ul Haq, Mahbub

Ungphakorn, Puey

Urquidi, Victor L.

Van Dam, F.

Ward, Barbara

Wolf, A. C.

Yudelman, Montague

8-12 October 1974, Cocoyoc, Mexcio

Organised by: 

  • Maurice Strong

  • Gamani Corea


  • Barbara Ward

  • Johan Galtung

Others involved: ​

  • Wilbert K. Chagula (Tanzania, Minister for Economic Affairs and Development Planning)

  • Julius Nyerere (Tanzania)

  • Rodolfo Stavenhagen (Mexcio, sociologist, anthropologist)

Special Club of Rome Meeting Algiers, 1976

UNCTC at its Inception 1974

Office of the Executive Director

Special Advisors

(A) Information Analysis Division

  • undertakes systematic collection and analysis of information relative to TNCs at the aggregate and enterprise level, relevant national legislation and policies as well as bibliographical data

  • disseminates the above information on a continuing basis through publications and reports and other means as may be requested by governments

(B) Policy Analysis Division

  • determines research and policy analysis on economic, legal, social, and political matters related to transnational corporations

  • conducts studies and carries out other work on the preparation of a code of conduct and of international arrangements and agreements concerning transnational corporations

(C) Advisory Services

  • helps requesting governments

    • formulate policies related to FDI

    • acquire technology

    • review the economic, financial, legal and operational provisions of contracts being negotuated with TNCs

    • prepare for negotiations, including drafting contracts

  • organises and conducts training workshops on matters related to regulating and negotiating with TNCs aimed at strengthening the skills of officials of developing countries​

  • helps institutions of higher learning develop and conduct ongoing programs of training in matters related to TNCs

People from ECOINT-Master document

People involved in the ECOSOC MNE initiative 1973/74 

Sabine's list of documents (click on the image to enlarge it)

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