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The project "20th Century International Economic Thinking and the Complex History of Globalisation" (ECOINT) advances an innovative approach to the study of the struggles over economic ideas that have fashioned the paths of globalization. It shifts our focus from international economic thought as an unanchored field of ideas, to ‘international economic thinking’, generated in and through institutional sites distinctive to the 20th century: intergovernmental organisations and associated international non-governmental organisations. It asks: Where do we find international globalization thinking? Who were international economic thinkers? How did they shape the course of globalization? What does it mean that many of them were women? What does this history tell us about the paths taken or missed by globalization? 

ECOINT is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 885285 ). Grant holder is Prof Glenda Sluga, EUI.

Core Team



Glenda Sluga


Grant holder

Joint Chair International History and Capitalism HEC/RSCAS 

European University Institute, Florence



Guilherme Sampaio


ECOINT Postdoc 

European University Institute, Florence



Sabine Selchow


ECOINT Senior Research Fellow 

European University Institute, Florence


Samuel Boscarello

Dr Katja Heath (University of Sydney)

Dr Geraldine Sibanda (University of the Free State, South Africa)

Dr Troy Vettese (EUI)

Past ECOINT postdocs

Dr Elizabeth Banks

Dr Johanna Gautier

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