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ECOINT Working Papers

David, Thomas and Guilherme Sampaio (2024) "The alternative Bretton Woods : the 1944 International Business Conference in Rye and the postwar international economic order" Working Paper, EUI, HEC, Working Paper, 2024/01, ECOINT,

Sampaio, Guilherme & Pierre Eichenberger (2023) Forgotten economic thinkers : women in the International Chamber of Commerce (1920s – 1990s) EUI Working Paper HEC 2023/02,

Gautier, Johanna (2023) 'Freeing markets and democratizing economics : regional development, global integration, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean' EUI Working Paper HEC 2023/01, 

Banks, Elizabeth (2022) “Economic decolonization and international economic thinking at the UN regional commission for Africa (UNECA) : a research agenda" EUI Working Paper HEC 2022/03

Selchow, Sabine (2022) "From “economic and social questions” to national containers and two notions of ‘political’: a systematic analysis of the symbolic construction of ‘economic problems’ in the LoN’s Bruce Report (1939)" EUI Working Paper 2022/07

Sluga, Glenda (2021) "Twentieth-Century International Economic Thinking, and the Complex History of Globalization: A New Research Programme" EUI Working Paper HEC 2021/01

Sluga, Glenda (2021) "‘Sleepwalking’ from planetary thinking to the end of the international order " EUI Working Paper HEC 2021/02

All Publications

Selchow, Sabine and Glenda Sluga (2024). "Development, international organizations and international economic thinking: a conceptual contribution". International Organizations and Global Development, edited by Nicholas Ferns and Angela Villani, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2024, pp. 23-42.


Gautier Morin J (2024). Democracy, Authoritarianism and Global Economic Governance. Contemporary European History 1–12.

Sluga, Glenda (2023) What Do We Learn About War and Peace from Women International Thinkers? Global Studies Quarterly, 3(1)


Sluga, Glenda (2023) Peacemaking and International Order after the First World War

Cambridge University Press (edited with Peter Jackson and William Mulligan)


Huf, Ben, Glenda Sluga & Sabine Selchow (2022) "Business and the Planetary History of International Environmental Governance in the 1970s" Contemporary European History , 31(4): 553 – 569


Sluga, Glenda (2022) "Rethinking Nationalism: Nationalism as Historical Method" 

American Historical Review, 27(1)


Selchow, Sabine (2022) "Planetary disasters: moving the UN disaster risk reduction framework into cosmopolitised reality" Environmental Politics 31(1): 28-48


Sluga, Glenda (2022) "Business transnationalism, looking from the outside in"

Business History


Sluga, Glenda (2022)  "Afterword" Nationalism and Internationalism Intertwined. Berghain (edited by Pasi Ihalainen and Antero Holmila)


Sluga, Glenda (2021) "The Interplay of East and West, Points of Conflict and Cooperation (1955): Barbara Ward" With the World to Choose From. McGill University Press (edited by Brett Hooton et al)


Sluga, Glenda (2021) The Invention of International Order: Remaking Europe after Napoleon

Princeton University Press


Banks, Elizabeth (2021) "Sewing Machines for Socialism?: Gifts of Development and Disagreement between the Soviet and Mozambican Women's Committees, 1963–87"

Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 41(1): 27–40

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