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The Invention of International Order (Princeton RWO)

A recorded lecture by Glenda Sluga | 2021


On September 30, 2021, the Reimagining World Order (RWO) research community at Princeton University (PIIRS) hosted Professor Glenda Sluga (European University Institute) for the first meeting of its World Order Colloquium this year. Professor Sluga’s presentation was entitled “The Invention of International Order.” The modern world takes for granted the idea of an international order, but even the possibility of international politics had to be invented. In this talk, Professor Sluga argues that by asking, "What kind of ordering was embedded in the invention of the politics that could take place between states two hundred years ago?", we stand to learn more about the practices and assumptions that still temper the international order today, for better and for worse.

The colloquium was hosted by Professor G. John Ikenberry, Director of the RWO initiative, and his research associates, Tolya Levshin and Chika Tonooka.


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