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Past ECOINT events

'ECOINT talks with International Economic Thinkers: Beata Javorcik' EUI, 6 November 2023   


'Keynes, Keynesianism and International Economic Thinking' Workshop, EUI, 3 November 2023   

'ECOINT meets INVISHIST' internal workshop, EUI, 12 June 2023   


'Economic Nationalism', international workshop, 12 June 2023


'Toward a free economy: Swatantra and opposition politics in democratic India', Book talk, Speaker: Aditya Balasubramanian (ANU); Discussants: Ben Huf (University of Sydney), Michael O’Sullivan (EUI), Glenda Sluga (EUI) and Corinna Unger (EUI), 13 June 2023 


Prof Eric Helleiner, 'The diversity of pre-1945 international economic thought', public lecture, EUI, 3 May 2023 


'Looking back on International Economic History' ECOINT-team, EUI, 3 February 2023  


Prof Madeleine Herren (Basel) 'Of Art and War: A 19th century Global History of Silver Currency in East Asia', Lecture, EUI, 3 February 2023   


Prof Sandrine Kott (Geneva) 'Seeing like an International Organization. An alternative history of the Cold War', Public Lecture, EUI, 2 February 2023 (Discussants: Prof Patricia Clavin (Oxford) Prof Madeleine Herren (Basel))   


Business and International Order, Workshop, EUI, 27-28 October 2022   


African Economic History and Decolonisation, Seminar, EUI, 17 October 2022 

'ECOINT talks with International Economic Thinkers: Carmen M. Reinhart' EUI, 14 October 2022   

'Writing the History of International Economic Thinking'  23 May 2022, 10:30-18:00 


Historians and Economic Theory, Workshop, EUI, 18 March 2022


Discovering International Economic Thinkers, online Workshop, 14-15 February 2022.


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