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WORKBENCH #04: The World Bank's Development Research Group in 2022

"The Development Research Group is the World Bank's principal research department. With its cross-cutting expertise on a broad range of topics and countries, the department is one of the most influential centers of development research in the world." (World Bank URL)

The Development Research Group is divided into six Teams

  1. Finance and Private Sector Development Team 

  2. Human Development Team 

  3. Macroeconomics and Growth Team 

  4. Poverty and Inequality Team

  5. Sustainability and Infrastructure Team 

  6. Trade and International Integration Team 

The following data were generated from the staff profiles at:

How many female researchers are in the Group in total and in each Team? 

In which disciplines do the researchers have their highest degree? (65 out of 66 researchers have a PhD)   

Where did the researchers get their highest degrees from? 

Which universities appear more than once in the dataset? 


Please reference anything from this site as: Selchow, Sabine (2022) 'The World Bank's Development Research Group in 2022: Statistical insights' ECOINT Workbench #04, available at:




ECOINT Senior Fellow

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