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ECOINT Postdoc Fellow

guilherme.sampaio AT

Dr Guilherme Sampaio

Guilherme Sampaio is an intellectual historian who received his PhD in History from the EUI (2016) with a thesis examining the translation, diffusion, and reception of the economist John Maynard Keynes’s writings in France (1920s–50s). 

Guilherme’s research interests broadly cover the societal impact of economic ideas through their dissemination through policymaking and public debates, on a national, transnational, and international basis. Specific topics of interest include the relation between monetary theory and policy during the interwar period; how post-1945 macroeconomics was shaped by the politics of textbook translation and publishing; the legacy of Keynes and the ideational history of post-1945 European integration and international economic cooperation.   

Guilherme is currently transforming his thesis into a book manuscript, provisionally entitled Keynes and French Economic Policy and under contract with Routledge. This will be the first monograph examining the reception of Keynes’s full corpus in a non-Anglophone country. 

Before joining ECOINT, Guilherme was a Fellow-in-Residence at CY Advanced Studies (Cergy).

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