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We looked through Maurice Strong's Papers (held at Harvard University) and distilled who attended meetings around the 1972-Stockholm Conference. We were particularly interested in 'businesspersons'. Below is what we found.    

List of meetings 

1970 - 2nd International Clean Air Congress (Washington, D.C.)

1970 - Conference on the Corporate Environment, 1975-85 (Paris)

1971 - CSIRO Seminar for UNEP (Canberra)

1971 - Founex (Geneva)

1971 - Luncheon with Board of Directors of the Chase Manhattan Bank (New York)

1971 - October Panel

1971 - Tidewater Meeting (Ouchy/Lousanne)

1972 - Meeting of Board of Directors of Report on the Human Environment, Inc. (New York)

1972 - Stockholm Conference (List of observers, non-government) (Stockholm)

1973 - Informal Consultation of International Legal Experts on Environmental Problems (Geneva)

1973 - Special Consultation for Maurice Strong (Aspen)

1974 - Le Bettex Meeting (private) (Le Bettex)

1974 - Meeting of Board of Directors of the International Institute for Environmental Affairs (Aspen)

1974 - UNEP-UNCTAD Mexican symposium (Mexico City)

1976 - Special Club of Rome Meeting (Algiers)

1976 - 31st  meeting of the board of the foundation of the Centre d'Etudes Industrielles (by correspondence)

1977 - Conference of new means of financing environmental and other international programmes (Bellagio)

1977 - Stockholm Colloquium (Saltsjöbaden)

1977 - UNEP Petroleum Seminar (UNESCO Headquarter)

1979 - Business International Chief Executive Officers' Roundtable (Hawaii)

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Participants by meeting





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