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Economic Expertise at the UNECE between Full Employment and Development (1940s–70s)

If after 1945 economic interventionism, particularly of a Keynesian flavour, became widespread in several United Nations agencies and the International Labour Organization (ILO), the understudied International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) remained a stalwart of free trade and financial liberalisation. Starting from the figure of Per Jacobsson, the managing director of the IMF and for several years a close collaborator of the ICC, this project aims at identifying the economists and thinkers associated with the ICC. 

Particularly, it seeks to ascertain whether the ICC served as a vessel to spread anti-Keynesian and anti-interventionist ideas, in opposition to the UN Regional Economic Commissions and the ILO. By evidencing the ICC’s role in giving business circles intellectual bases for their own socio-political goals, the project sheds new light on a predating ideational stage of the 1970s–80s financial liberalisation.



ECOINT Postdoc Fellow

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Dr Guilherme Sampaio

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